2019.6.18:CIMdata Publishes “Siemens Digital Industries Empowers Aerospace Design with NX and Fibersim”

CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the publication of an eBook titled “Siemens Digital Industries Empowers Aerospace Design with NX and Fibersim.”

The air transport industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Given its predicted growth and pressure on operating costs in the aerospace and defense industry, intense competition is driving the pace of technological innovation. To increase production rates to meet the high demand from commercial and defense clients, airframe manufacturers need to improve their operational and manufacturing performance. To be competitive, airframe manufacturers look to produce more fuel-efficient aircraft and composite materials are a clear choice to reduce weight. Reduced weight directly translates into fuel efficiency and lower operational costs.

Siemens Digital Industries’ answer to the complexity of designing and manufacturing composites is the Fibersim portfolio of solutions. The Fibersim solution supports design methodologies that capture the specifications from design and analysis and guide designers through the manufacturing process.

The eBook introduces the key concepts of composite design, analysis, and manufacturing. It includes a discussion of the fact that composite parts are often designed in context of a larger aero structure assembly. Within the assembly, part dimensions and inter-part interface contact points change due again to the frequent changes that occur during design iterations. All such modifications put a heavy strain on the CAD model assembly relationships. NX provides designers with tools to simplify the creation and editing of inter-part references.

Ken Versprille, Ph.D., Executive Consultant, CIMdata, reflects favorably upon Fibersim’s implementation, “The close coupling of design and analysis with the added influence of production manufacturing processes is critical. By covering the full composite product development process from design and analysis through fabrication and inspection, Fibersim delivers an exceptional solution that can sustain its users at the forefront of composite design engineering. Siemens Fibersim solution combined with NX provides industrial customers a winning approach to composite design that delivers measurable business benefits.”

To find out more and to download the eBook on “Siemens Digital Industries Empowers Aerospace Design with NX and Fibersim,” visit www.CIMdata.com.

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