2019.1.29:CIMdata and SEMPRO Announce Strategic Alliance

CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Ankara, Turkey based SEMPRO Consulting Engineering (SEMPRO). The purpose for the alliance is to provide PLM professionals in Turkey with easier access to CIMdata’s globally recognized PLM education programs and strategic management consulting services.

Under this alliance, SEMPRO will offer CIMdata’s PLM Certificate program for PLM professionals and will also offer strategic representation of CIMdata’s consulting services. These joint initiatives will provide organizations with the tools and methodologies they need to solve the most complex challenges facing global enterprises.

The first educational program under the auspices of this alliance was held in Ankara, Turkey during the week of January 13, 2019. During that week CIMdata facilitated a private class for a major industrial company based in Turkey and offered a public class that attracted more than 30 attendees. The program was facilitated by a team of CIMdata senior experts and upon successful completion participants received a CIMdata PLM Certificate and were invited to join CIMdata’s global PLM Leadership community. Built on CIMdata’s over 35 years of experience guiding industrial companies in successfully defining and implementing best-in-class PLM strategies and tactics, close to 1,000 PLM professionals have received their PLM Leadership certificate from CIMdata since the program was introduced in 2009.

According to CIMdata’s president, Peter Bilello, “Despite advancements, many companies are still spending a significant amount of time and money tackling the pain points of digital transformation so that they can fully realize the potential value and its place within their enterprise architecture. CIMdata is excited to partner with SEMPRO to offer professional education and best-in-class consulting to organizations based in Turkey to enable them access to the tools and knowledge they need to help them define and execute their strategic PLM initiatives.”

Commenting on the alliance, Semiha YAŞAR, SEMPRO’s owner and founder said, “The mission of SEMPRO is to provide training and process development services for companies engaged in product development and manufacturing. We know that we have experienced engineers in Turkey, but they are not being exposed to the best practices needed to better conduct their functions, capture the collective know-how, and to train the next generation of engineers. Our alliance with CIMdata will allow us to provide a full suite of educational and solution services built upon a foundation of industry experience. This will allow CIMdata and SEMPRO’s industry clients to efficiently and effectively solve the issues affecting their businesses.”

For more information on the strategic alliance between CIMdata and SEMPRO please contact Cheryl Peck at c.peck@CIMdata.com.


SEMPRO was founded by Semiha Yaşar in March 2015. SEMPRO offers process development services for companies that are engaged in product development and manufacturing processes. More information on SEMPRO may be found at www.semprocon.com.tr

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