2018.11.27:CIMdata Publishes eBook: “Mastering Complex Configurable Products through the Digital Thread”

CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic consulting and research firm, released a new eBook that offers insights into how an integrated systems environment can be used to support all aspects needed for complex mass customized products throughout their entire lifecycles.

In the past, the answer to managing product complexity was to make the product simpler. With customers increasingly demanding more complex and highly configurable products this is no longer an option. Companies with complex and configurable products must have an end-to-end lifecycle mindset not only to satisfy their customers but as a way to differentiate themselves and gain market presence.

Research for this eBook was sponsored by Variantum Oy, a company based in Finland that specializes in designing and delivering an enterprise-class product lifecycle management enabling solution platform that supports complex configurable products throughout their lifecycles.

According to Mr. Peter Bilello, CIMdata’s President, “To be successful, companies need to be able to quickly and efficiently configure their products to meet their customers’ needs without having to reengineer for each and every product variation. For many companies this poses significant challenges and the only way to overcome them is by embracing the digital transformation of an end-to-end lifecycle configuration process enabled by associated roles and responsibilities.”

To learn more please download and read the complete eBook at www.CIMdata.com.

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