CIMdata White Paper (白書)2013年


  • Focus on Innovation
    • Dassault Systèmes’ Transportation and MobilityTarget Zero Defect Industry Solution Experience
    • June 2013
    • (Abstract) Dassault Systèmes has embarked on a journey toward their vision of twenty-first century product development built upon the foundation of their 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The move embodies a shift to market- and industry focused solution experiences. They offer executives, business managers, and product developers of transportation and mobility vehicles industry-tuned process modules that span application needs across the full range of product development. These modules begin the product development process with attention to a company’s established knowledge, and progress through the full spiral of development phases from conceptual engineering to module design, manufacturing, and final assembly. The Dassault Systèmes industry solution experiences allow users to focus on innovation and empowers them to ‘target zero defect’ in product development and delivery.
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise
    • Observe, Analyze, and Guide Business Optimization
    • February 2013
    • (Abstract) Making better-informed decisions improves business results. Presenting product- and business-related information three-dimensionally makes digital content more accessible and understandable to users. When presented together with associated business data and analytics, stakeholders can better comprehend data relationships. This visual decision-making approach enables better-informed users to make more insightful judgments that deliver higher business value. The display of 3D images facilitates human interaction with data and aligns with the broad technology trend evident in the commercial marketplace for user interaction. For SAP and non-SAP customers alike, the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise solution affords them the ability to interact with 3D images of their products, business information, and facilities to accelerate decision making within and across the full range of business domains. Decisions are based on more-perceptive views of relationships across the business, which facilitates optimized productivity and improved product quality.


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