CIMdata White Paper (白書)2010年

Ten Questions to Ask PLM Solution Suppliers(PLMソリューションサプライヤーにすべき10の質問)

  • What You Need to Know to Make an Informed Decision”( “インフォームド・デシジョン(納得ある意思決定)への必須事項” )
  • August 2010
  • (Abstract)  This CIMdata-authored white paper sets out to describe ten critical questions to ask PLM solution suppliers. These questions, which have been defined and validated based on CIMdata’s experience and specific research performed for this white paper, are often overlooked or glossed over when executing a PLM evaluation and selection program. If not asked and answered properly, the company executing the evaluation and selection program may find itself with a solution that is inadequate for their needs months or perhaps a year or so down the line.
  • (Abstract)  CIMdataが制作した本白書(White Paper)では、PLMソリューション・サプライヤーに求める10の重要な質問について詳しく説明しています。CIMdataの経験並びに本白書のために特別に実施した調査に基づき定義・実証されたこれらの質問は、PLMの評価や選択の計画(Program)を実行する際に、しばしば見落とされたり、うやむやにされたりするものばかりです。適切な質問とそれに対する適切な回答がなされない場合、会社が評価やプログラム選択を行っても、数ヵ月、あるいは1年掛けてもニーズに十分見合うソリューション得られないかもしれません。(日本語版)

Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping for Manufacturing Program

  • “A Review of Autodesk’s Digital Manufacturing Program”
  • June 2010
  • (Abstract)  This review provides CIMdata’s perspective on Autodesk’s digital manufacturing program. CIMdata’s view is that Autodesk’s solution offering in this area is evolving substantially by both expanding existing manufacturing and digital prototyping capabilities and incorporating capabilities from Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering & Construction Solutions group that directly address factory design. This is enabling Autodesk to provide much more substantial solutions for manufacturing companies. Currently, Autodesk’s capabilities are focused on factory and plant floor layout as opposed to sophisticated factory simulation and other high-end digital manufacturing capabilities. CIMdata provides its own reflections as well as describing the experiences of Autodesk customers and their perceptions of Autodesk’s technology and program.
  • (Abstract抄訳)  本レビューは、オートデスクのデジタルマニファクチャリング・プログラムについてのCIMdataの見解を提示するものです。CIMdataの見解は、この分野においてオートデスクのソリューションの提供製品群は、既存の製造とデジタルプロトタイピング機能を拡張し、ファクトリーデザインにまさに対応するオートデスクの建築、エンジニアリング&建設ソリューショングループからの機能を組み込み、いずれもから大きく発展させていることです。これが製造企業に対して、より本質的で重要なソリューションの提供をオートデスクに可能にしているものです。現在、オートデスクの能力は、込み入った工場シミュレーションや他のハイエンドな製造・生産向け機能と比べれば、工場やフロアーのレイアウトについてフォーカスしたものです。CIMdataは、自身の意見・感想に加えて、オートデスクの顧客の経験価値、またオートデスクのテクノロジーおよびプログラムについての理解を提供します。

Teamcenter “unified”

  • “Siemens PLM Software’s Next Generation PLM Platform”
  • June 2010
  • (Abstract)  This CIMdata-authored whitepaper traces the roots of Siemens PLM Software’s next generation Teamcenter “unified” platform—from a set of integrated PLM enabling applications to a new extended enterprise enabled four-tier unified architecture that incorporates the latest in technology and business functionality. The paper describes Teamcenter 8, which represents the second release of the “unified” platform, and how it is the culmination of many years of steady development and evolution of the Teamcenter suite. Additionally, the paper provides testimonials from a number of Siemens PLM Software’s customers who have already migrated to the new unified platform - customers who report that their transition to the new platform was executed with no unexpected issues, and that they have been able to reduce the level of customizations when compared to earlier implementations of Teamcenter because of its Business Modeler Integrated Development Environment.
  • (Abstract抄訳)  CIMdataが制作した本白書は、一連の統合されたPLM実用化アプリケーションから最新のテクノロジーとビジネス機能を組み込んだエクステンディッドエンタープライズ(extended enterprise)に対応した新しい4層のユニファイド・アーキテクチャ(unified architecture)へのシーメンスPLMソフトウェアの次世代のTeamcenter “ユニファイド” (Teamcenter “unified”)プラットフォームのルーツをたどります。本書では、 “ユニファイド(unified)” プラットフォームの2番目のリリースであるTeamcenter 8について説明し、Teamcenter 8が如何にTeamcenter製品群の長年の着実な発展と進化の結晶であるかを説明します。さらに、本書は、新しいユニファイド・プラットフォームへの移行を既に完了したシーメンスPLMソフトウェアの多くの顧客からの予期しない問題が発生することなく新しいプラットフォームに移行できたことや、Business Modeler Integrated Development Environmentのおかげで以前のTeamcenterの導入に比べてカスタマイズの量を削減できたなど顧客の声(testimonial)も収録しています。

Dassault Systèmes V6 IP Lifecycle Management

  • “Taking Control of Your Company’s Intellectual Property”
  • May 2010
  • (Abstract) It is well known that a company’s intellectual property (IP), as defined by knowledge and experiences, is very valuable when it can be reused to support the development of innovative products. However, how companies actually capture and manage their IP to support reuse has not been well understood. Products to support IP Lifecycle Management have been maturing over the past several years. Dassault Systèmes V6 IP Lifecycle Management helps companies in all industries capture, manage, and collaborate on their valuable intellectual capital. This paper describes some of the compelling business drivers for IP Lifecycle Management and how Dassault Systèmes V6 IP Lifecycle Management capabilities support this critically important area.

Dassault Systèmes V6 Program Management

  • “Streamlining Program and Project Management”
  • May 2010
  • (Abstract) Dassault Systèmes V6 Program Management Solution supports an organization’s portfolio creation and execution across the extended enterprise. It provides access to intellectual information, standard templates, and processes for managing all aspects of project delivery for all project stakeholders. This Program Management Solution helps improve a company’s capability to create their strategic plan, develop the products and services needed to bring that plan to fruition, manage the risks, and streamline the throughput of innovation.

3D Part Catalog Management

  • “A PLM Strategy to Reduce Direct Material Costs”
  • April 2010
  • (Abstract) The use of 3D Part Catalog Management in the product development lifecycle can provide substantial benefits to companies that design and manufacture products. This paper presents the case for the need for an easily deployed and used part catalog solution that integrates with a company’s native CAD environment. It presents PARTsolutions’ product suite as such a solution.

Dassault Systèmes’ V6 Platform TCO

  • “Improving the Enterprise’s Return on its PLM Investment”
  • April 2010
  • (Abstract) The development of the V6 platform is a major event in the evolution of Dassault Systèmes’ PLM offerings. This paper presents the major drivers for why this new architecture is important in the current PLM market space and how it provides tangible and important benefits to, and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) of PLM for companies that adopt V6. This paper includes comments from companies who have adopted V6, in addition to CIMData’s opinion on the value of V6.

Autodesk’s Evolution as a PLM Solution Supplier

  • “A Review of Autodesk’s Transition”
  • January 2010
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored review provides CIMdata’s perspective on the transition that Autodesk is executing to transform itself from a supplier of individual PLM-focused point solutions to a supplier of industry-focused solutions that can be the fundamental platform for a company’s overall PLM strategy. As examples, CIMdata describes the experiences of a number of Autodesk’s customers and their perceptions after having worked with Autodesk through this transition.


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