CIMdata White Paper (白書)2009年

Meeting the Challenges of Transitioning PLM Implementations

  • “A Review of Siemens PLM Software Customer Experiences”
  • December 2009
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored review describes some key challenges faced by companies as they transition their PLM implementations through the series of version releases provided by their PLM solution suppliers. As examples, CIMdata describes a number of long-term customers of Siemens PLM Software to assess their approaches and experiences in addressing this often-challenging issue.

Teamcenter Express

  • “Rapid cPDm Deployment for Mid-Sized Manufacturing Companies”
  • December 2009
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored Teamcenter Express Program Review describes Siemens PLM Software’s collaborative Product Definition management (cPDm) solution, the core data management component of the Velocity Series—a set of preconfigured and easy-to-deploy design and data management PLM-enabling solutions. Siemens PLM Software has designed this offering specifically to address the product design through manufacturing planning needs of small- to medium-sized companies. This paper provides an overall description as well as CIMdata’s assessment of the Teamcenter Express program for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market. This program review is an assessment of the entire Teamcenter Express effort, including development, marketing, sales, and the product itself (i.e., Teamcenter Express Version 5).

CFD for Mechanical Design Engineers

  • “A Paradigm Shift for Better Design”
  • September 2009
  • (Abstract) There is demonstrated, real value in using CFD to analyze products earlier in the product development lifecycle than has been possible under the common scenario of reserving this important analysis regimen for CFD specialists. Mentor Graphics’ FloEFD solution allows companies to make this paradigm shift by providing an accessible CFD solution that can be used by engineers and designers who are not specially-trained in complex CFD practices. Embedding CFD analysis within the normal design environment (CAD) further enhances the value of this solution, allowing it to be used throughout the product definition lifecycle to guide decision-making and product validation. This brings value to the company by promoting more innovative, higher-quality product designs accomplished in less time.

PLM Market Growth in 2008

  • “A Mid-Year Look in 2009—Weathering the Storm”
  • August 2009
  • (Abstract)  This CIMdata-authored white paper updates CIMdata’s PLM market forecast which was published in April 2009 and based on 2008 results. This mid-year update reflects our latest estimates for PLM investments and incorporates additional knowledge and inputs obtained during the first half of 2009. CIMdata now forecasts that the PLM market will decline slightly during 2009 as industrial companies are still reacting to the global economic downturn and then begin a recovery on 2010.

Economic Benefits of PLM-Enabled Collaboration

  • “A Review of PTC Customer Experiences”
  • May 2009
  • (Abstract)  This CIMdata-authored white paper presents CIMdata’s perspectives on the economic benefits related to better managing internal and external collaboration, and how PLM solutions play an important and enabling role. The paper also provides insights into how PLM-enabled collaboration provides savings and supports the requirements for multiple industry verticals, including aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics/high-tech, and fabrication and assembly. Finally, the paper describes the results of CIMdata’s interviews with a number of PTC’s customers to illustrate why companies should, and in fact need to invest in PLM-enabling collaborative solutions during stressful as well as prosperous economic times.

ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Solutions

  • “Integrating Mechanical and Electrical Product Design”
  • April 2009
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored ECAD-MCAD collaboration Solutions Product Review describes product offerings from PTC and Mentor Graphics that help companies develop electro-mechanical designs regardless of industry sector. This paper provides an overall description of collaboration between the ECAD and MCAD disciplines and presents issues and benefits as well as CIMdata’s assessment of the ECAD-MCAD collaboration solutions of PTC and Mentor Graphics.

PLM Market Growth in 2008

  • “A First Look in 2009—Weathering the Storm”
  • April 2009
  • Even in the face of an economic slump, financial uncertainty, and a harsh business climate, PLM investments continued to grow in 2008. According to recent statistics compiled by CIMdata, the Comprehensive PLM market experienced an 8% growth in 2008 with all sectors showing increases. Surprisingly, these increases fell only slightly short of earlier expectations, primarily because of a robust start for PLM investments in the first half of the year. Only in the last quarter did the market slow appreciably, which will undoubtedly continue in 2009 until the economy turns around significantly. Nevertheless, a wide range of companies are investing in PLM to achieve short-term benefits as well as long-term strategic value throughout the product lifecycle and across their extended enterprise. Indeed PLM may be one of the major deciding factors in determining which companies are able to weather the current economic storm and be in the best competitive position when global markets rebound.


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