CIMdata White Paper (白書)2008年

Getting Started in PDM

  • “Companies of All Sizes Can Take Advantage of Today’s PDM Systems”
  • August 2008
  • (Abstract)  This paper describes the evolution of PDM systems and their applicability to mid-sized manufacturing companies in multiple industry segments. The paper explains the key components of PDM that mid-sized companies should care about, how PDM can address their critical business issues, and the most critical best-practices related to the planning and implementation of a PDM system. Additionally, this paper describes what mid-sized companies need to do to get started with PDM, and how they should assess the suitability of the different PDM systems on the market. Finally, the paper provides a brief review of Siemens PLM Software’s mid-market-focused PDM system - Teamcenter Express.

MSC SimEnterprise

  • “Providing Simulation to the Enterprise”
  • August 2008
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored MSC SimEnterprise Program Review describes MSC’s overall program for managing and working with complex engineering analyses and their results within a PLM environment. MSC has developed this suite of solutions specifically to address the needs of companies regardless of industry sector. This paper provides an overall description of the Enterprise Simulation Management (ESM) market as well as CIMdata’s assessment of the SimEnterprise program. This program review is an assessment of the entire SimEnterprise program including its components. Comments and assessments from two SimEnterprise users provide further insight into the value of SimEnterprise.

The Value of Unified Architectures for PLM

  • “Harmonizing the Environment”
  • August 2008
  • (Abstract) Today’s manufacturing industries are under continuous pressure to deliver competitive products faster and are implementing PLM solutions to help address this issue. As PLM solutions expand to encompass the complete lifecycle, they are becoming increasing complex and harder to maintain. Unified PLM architectures are helping reduce this complexity while improving user and organizational productivity. This CIMdata white paper presents the challenges that companies are currently facing, defines a unified PLM architecture approach, describes the benefits that it can deliver, discusses factors companies should consider in evaluating whether to transition to a unified architecture, and discusses approaches to the transition. This paper is not a review of any specific architecture. Instead it is intended to provide an overview of such architectures, their potential value, and issues to consider in making a transition decision.

Siemens PLM Software’s Velocity Series Portfolio

  • “PLM for Mid-Sized Companies”
  • July 2008
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored Velocity Series Portfolio Program Review describes Siemens PLM Software’s overall Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) program for the mid-market. Siemens PLM Software has developed this suite of offerings specifically to address the needs of small- to medium-sized companies. This paper provides an overall description of the market dynamics that drive mid-market companies to invest in PLM as well as CIMdata’s assessment of the Velocity Series Portfolio program. This program review is an assessment of the entire Velocity Series Portfolio program and is not focused on any individual component of it. Individual assessments from a number of Velocity Partners are included.

Dassault Systèmes’ V6 Program

  • “A Focus on PLM 2.0 for Enterprises”
  • July 2008
  • (Abstract) Dassault Systèmes recently announced their new V6 platform which they position as enabling a “PLM 2.0” vision. This paper provides a description of the industry challenges that drove this release, a summary of Dassault Systèmes’ history and position in the PLM market, a description of the major V6 components, and a review of the new DS V6 program.

Dassault Systèmes Value for Mid-Market

  • “ENOVIA SmarTeam’s Impact on Mid-Sized Companies”
  • July 2008
  • (Abstract) Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA SmarTeam is focused on supplying collaborative Product Definition management (cPDm) solutions for small and mid-sized companies and engineering departments within larger enterprises. This paper provides a review of mid-sized companies’ challenges, a brief description of the ENOVIA SmarTeam solution suite, and customer reports based on CIMdata interviews with a select group of customers from various industries and geographies. The objective of the interviews was to better understand these customers’ experiences and the benefits that they have received as a result of their ENOVIA SmarTeam implementations.

SAP’s New PLM Roadmap

  • “Enabling Product and Service Leadership”
  • June 2008
  • (Abstract) SAP, one of the leading providers of enterprise software-based solutions, has publicly committed itself to a strategy focused on development of a number of specific value-added solutions. In order to support their business strategy-focused initiatives, SAP has reviewed the factors that can improve a company’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has been recognized as the key enabling vehicle to address these issues. As a result, SAP has publicly declared a renewed focus and commitment to PLM and has initiated an aggressive, multi-year development roadmap to strengthen its PLM solutions. This paper reviews SAP’s business strategy-based initiative approach, PLM’s role in supporting those initiatives, and a detailed look at SAP’s new PLM roadmap.

Teamcenter Express

  • “Rapid cPDm Deployment for Mid-Sized Manufacturing Companies”
  • May 2008
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored Teamcenter Express Program Review describes Siemens PLM Software’s collaborative Product Definition management (cPDm) solution, the core data management component of the Velocity Series—a set of preconfigured and easy-to-deploy design and data management PLM-enabling solutions. Siemens PLM Software has designed this offering specifically to address the product design through manufacturing planning needs of small- to medium-sized companies. This paper provides an overall description as well as CIMdata’s assessment of the Teamcenter Express program for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market. This program review is an assessment of the entire Teamcenter Express effort, including development, marketing, and sales, and the product itself (i.e., Teamcenter Express Version 4).

Nissan Motor Corporation

  • “Product Lifecycle Management Case Study”
  • April 2008
  • (Abstract)  Today’s automotive industry is global, both in terms of customers spread across multiple regions (from mature and emerging markets) and manufacturers and suppliers scattered around the world. The issue from an original equipment manufacturer’s perspective is how to respond to and best satisfy complicated demands while at the same time delivering attractive vehicles at higher quality levels, at the right time, and at a reasonable price. Nissan appears to have an appropriate answer to achieving these goals through product and process innovation enabled by a sound PLM approach and solution. In the end, Nissan has realized it with “Shift the Proving Ground” to deliver attractive models with their concept—“Trusted Driving Pleasure.”
  • (Abstract)  今日、自動車産業は複数地域に分散し(成熟市場から新興市場まで)、またメーカーとサプライヤーいずれもグローバルに分散しています。メーカーの立場での課題は、高品質、そして適切な価格で魅力あるクルマを同時に提供すると言う複雑な要求に如何に対処し、最高の満足度を提供するかです。日産自動車は、これら目標達成にふさわしい答えとして、PLMアプローチとソリューションを挙げています。その結果、日産のコンセプトである“Trusted DrivingPleasure”での魅力あるモデルを供給するために“Shift the Proving Ground(実験&検証の場をシフトする)”を実現しました。(日本語版)

BlueStar PDM/PLM for Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • “Delivering PDM/PLM from within an ERP Environment”
  • April 2008
  • (Abstract) This CIMdata-authored BlueStar PDM/PLM Program Review describes PDM technology’s BlueStar PDM/PLM solution and the benefits that result from it being developed on top of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution’s information technology (IT) platform. This paper looks at the business reasons why companies in particular industries are being driven by and benefiting from the development and implementation of tight business process and IT integrations between their development environment and ERP system(s). In addition, the paper contains a program and product assessment that is based on BlueStar PDM/PLM (BlueStar) version 4.0; an engineering-centric PLM solution developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX’s ERP platform, formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta (see Microsoft Dynamics AX sidebar).

PLM Market Growth in 2007

  • A First Look in 2008—Exceeding Expectations
  • March 2008
  • Driven by executive-level awareness of mission-critical business benefits, and increasing adoption in all sizes of companies, PLM market growth exceeded expectations in 2007. As the breadth of PLM extends further throughout the enterprise and across the full product lifecycle, more companies are implementing PLM strategies and programs.
    According to recent statistics compiled by CIMdata, the worldwide Comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market experienced a stronger-than-expected 13.5% growth rate to reach an estimated $24.3 billion in 2007 for software and related services.


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