The evolution of PLM - Product InnovationによるCIMdata社長、ピーター・ビレロ (Peter Bilello)インタビュー

The evolution of PLM - Product InnovationによるCIMdata社長、ピーター・ビレロ (Peter Bilello)インタビュー (2014/12/17 公開)

 The evolution of PLM - Peter Bilello, President of CIMdata, shares his perspectives on the future of PLM, why PLM implementations fail, and how the market is evolving.


  • Tell us a little about CIMdata
  • What do you think PLM is headed? <- Platfromzation
  • What are the common misconceptions regrading PLM? <- Not Engineering System
  • When selecting a PLM vendor, what key things should be an industrial company be asking prospective suppliers?
  • What should companies thinking about their first PLM investment be prioritising?
  • What are the big disruptors in the PLM industry at the moment?
  • Traditionally, PLM has been centered on the discrete manufactures. What can PLM do for the process industries?
  • Where do PL implementations go wrong?
  • How is the industry responding to social collaboration?
  • What does the current landscape look like?
  • There seems to be a growing interest in PLM from the global consultancies and system integrators? What does this say about the current state of the market?
  • Do you see PLM as an innovation enabler?
  • What role does the independent consultant play in PLM?


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